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At the stroke of every hour, a melodious trumpeting from St. Mary’s Basilica echoes throughout Krakow’s Old Town, a legacy that dates back seven centuries. Tradition is important in Polish culture,

In Krakow, if you’re not willing to walk the 30 minutes it takes to get anywhere, you can take one of our fabulously modern trams. The last time I was on a Warsaw tram it was so old the driver had to.

The benches were designed by Professor Jerzy Porębski and are placed by the city in collaboration with the Chopin museum. Following the route of the benches takes you to some of the most important.

Yet everyone still seemed to point out details that delighted the group: A matzevah (tombstone) fragment built into a wall, pre-war Yiddish signage, and funky modern graffiti. Dara Bramson is a.

I had to note that Narod is also the fading name of the neighborhood south of our modern-day Montclair. Auschwitz-Birkenau and the morning spent at the Schindler Factory Museum. Both are as.

Project Room at the Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art is a program dedicated to young artists. From among six projects presented this year, the international jury will select two.

The hotel is located near the Washington Monument of Baltimore, The Walters Art Museum and The George Peabody Library. Vernon features restaurant and bar Poets Modern Cocktails & Eats as well as a.

Otherwise, shouting slogans would be the highest form of art. As for the possible relevance for the audience. Others include Richard III directed by Thomas Ostermeier and (A) pollonia by Nowy Teatr.

Appearances can be deceptive. If you saw this sausage stand, you probably wouldn’t give it a second glance and you certainly wouldn’t stop to buy anything. But you would have missed the opportunity to.

There’s a hell of a lot of good stuff packed in. Kraków’s modern art scene is second to none and you can also treat your eyes just by wandering around the amazing architecture and quaint hotels. When.

I caught the tail end of a panel discussion—whose speakers included Yves Béhar and Jonathan Olivares—about the relationship between art and design, a conversation about function, form, process, and.

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In the 46 rooms and apartments, bold Polish graphic art is mixed with Italian contemporary furniture, while white linen and marble bathrooms remain classically conservative. Perched on the fourth.

The sprawling space—formerly a food-processing plant—now also houses a modern art gallery and concert hall. What to Do Wander among the labyrinthine bazaar of Nowy Świat Pavilions, a hidden complex.

Is it a stop on the original route — the kind of place that young, rich Englishman would have visited? Or does it offer a modern twist on the classic European journey, offering a new cultural lesson.

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A former 18 th-century wine store house, Weinhaus Uhle combines historic charm with pristine contemporary comfort. Call by at Jork’s charming church of St. Matthias and check out the little museum.